It’s a small world: The value of business coaching and networking

A major part of the work I do is about helping clients take a step back, look at their whole business, identify their strengths and weaknesses, their goals and then gathering and analysing as much information as possible so that they can make smart, informed decisions.

I do this from an economist’s perspective, encouraging people to measure and analyse the costs and benefits of different decision options.

But as a small business owner there are other skills that need to be learnt and having another person’s perspective is a great idea.

Enter the small business coach and the value of networking.

Some years ago, we can’t remember exactly where or when but more than likely it was an agricultural youth event at either the Sydney or Queensland Royal shows, I met Benita Bensch. At the time she was running a rural marketing agency from Gunnedah in NSW and I remember thinking ‘Wow, what an organised, confident person she is, I’d so love to do something like that one day’.

Fast forward a few years and Benita has relocated to QLD and a large part of her business has now morphed into helping small, mostly rural based businesses to reach their full potential.

So in the back of my mind last year when I was setting up this business was the idea that if I got stuck there would be someone I could call on. At the beginning ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ so there wasn’t much point in me calling Benita but 9 months in, I felt the time was right to review where I was at and get some tips on how to improve my marketing and identify any barriers that were holding me back.

Four telephone sessions later I have a much better marketing plan and the external viewpoint from someone who is completely objective has been invaluable in building my confidence and coming up with a plan to deal with a couple of issues which were troubling me.

I’ve also been reminded again of the power of networking, you’ll never know when you might the need advice or services of anyone you meet – or they might need yours.

So thank you Benita, hope we get to catch up in person sometime soon.

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