Testing Testing, 1,2,3….

Do you have a Tru-test or other electronic livestock data system on your property?

You do? Great.

But when was the last time you actually downloaded all that data and analysed it to learn something about your livestock?

If you’ve been collecting and recording data such as weight, pregnancy status, vaccines etc etc for a couple of years you’re probably sitting on a veritable gold mine of information which can tell you things like:

  • What is your actual pregnancy rate? Does it differ between age groups?

  • What is your actual weaning rate? Is it significantly different to your pregnancy rate?

  • What is your weaning weight/joining weight/average turnoff weight?

  • How have these weights/rates changed over time?

Importantly once you start to answer some of these questions you can then start to work out where you might have problems or where you might be doing really well.

The challenge is sorting the data into a manageable form.

That’s where I come in.

For a limited time I’m offering to collate, sort, clean and summarise up to 3 years worth of data for just


For that you’ll get:

  • A combined spreadsheet of all data

  • An interactive pivot-table which you can use to re-sort and analyse the data any way you like (plus instructions on how to use it if required)

  • Graphs and summary tables to answer 2 questions of your choice eg how has my average weaning rate changed over the last 3 years?

To take advantage of this offer, please send me an email – or call me on 08 8977 0134 .

I will then contact you to work out the best way to send me the data (if you’ve got large data files and slow internet we might need to use a USB and snail mail, otherwise email or a file sharing app).

Of course, if you’ve got more than 3 years of data or multiple properties I’d be happy to work out something for you.


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