Got a ‘fiver?

I recently came across the website ‘fiverr’ a pretty neat marketplace for people buying and selling services, tasks and creative content. Basically, if you want a website built, a blog written or a social media campaign design and run, there’ll be someone on fiverr who is willing to do the work – usually for a lot less than you’d expect with a pretty quick turnaround. From what I’ve seen there’s heaps of creative types – writers, artists and graphic designers on there but there’s also the more mundane offerings in data entry and analysis.

So, I decided to give it a go, I signed up, set up my ‘packages’ offering to help people with excel spreadsheets and waited. I didn’t have to wait long, within a couple of days I had a message from a guy in the UK wanting a spreadsheet that he could use to calculate quotes for his cleaning business including discounts if customers ordered multiple services.

It was a pretty straightforward job, a little fiddly to set up some of the data input due to the number of services he offers and just enough challenge to stretch my excel brain.

Basically I proved my excel nerd status because I actually found it fun!

However, I know there’s lots of people out there who don’t share my enthusiasm for excel but are forced to use it to calculate budgets, livestock trading accounts and record cattle and crop performance.

My point is, I can design you a template that makes any of these jobs much easier, I can make them ‘ringer proof’(!) and I guarantee it will cost a lot less than you think, especially when you factor in that you'd probably rather pound steel posts in 40 degree heat than design an excel template :).

So, as you’re planning for 2019, consider what projects you’ve got on the go or would like to do… Are you hoping to build some new infrastructure, purchase some new livestock or equipment or develop some more country? Would it help to convince the bank/your partner/yourself if you had a proper investment analysis done including risk analysis and contingency planning?

Or do you need a better system for collating and analysing your herd data?

Even just a better system of recording staff hours, wages, leave etc?

All of these tasks can be much improved by a decent spreadsheet, designed to reduce human error and allow for quick updating.

Now, fiverr takes a 20% cut of any job done through their website so instead of it going in their pockets, from now until the end of February 2019 I’m offering a 20% discount on any excel job you need done if you contact me directly - or 08 8977 0134.

Happy spreadsheeting


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