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Hello! Long time no chat. Like the rest of the world I'm bunkered down and social distancing. Although social distancing is pretty much normal life when you work from home on a cattle station 100km from town 😊.

People in Ag have always been good at spending long periods in isolation then making up for it when we can get together.

So even before Covid 19 came along I'd been working on ways to provide better services remotely. As an entrant in the Rural Women's Award last year I had pitched an online platform to help young people in Ag learn better financial skills. While I wasn't the eventual winner I'm still working on developing that concept.

In the meantime I've been fortunate to be involved with the MLA Profitable Grazing Program which has recently developed some great packages. One of those is 'Better on-property investments'. This program is designed to give producers the skills and tools to make better, more disciplined decisions about capital investments.

I've been approved as a deliverer of this package and I'd already started working on audio recordings of the key theory sections so that we could reduce the number of face to face sessions to save everyone time and money.

Since any kind of in person interaction is severely limited at the moment I've gone a step further and I'm making the whole program available online.

Registrations are open now and if you sign up before Easter you'll get the special opening price of just $980 per person.

For more information or to sign up email

Or call

08 8977 0134


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