Dr Rebecca Mohr-Bell
Dr Rebecca Mohr-Bell

Current Project - Rangelands Opti-graze

A long term project at the Old Man Plains research station has evaluated the pasture and land condition benefits of rotational grazing. This project aims to evaluate the economic benefits of a range of grazing strategies in Central Australia.

The project will include individual herd modelling of alternative grazing scenarios across a range of properties.

Property owners/managers who are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Chris Materne – Livestock Industry Development Officer at the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism. PH: (08) 8951 8135  E: chris.materne@nt.gov.au

Recent Projects

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  • Evaluation of the potential for commercial-scale compost arrangements to be incorporated into farming operations in Queensland - RDA
  • Regional herd models for regenerating land condition in the Gascoyne Region
  • Growing Central Queensland Agricultural Profile
  • Training and economic analysis package for Gascoyne beef producers